Resort Services

Your disney vacation isn’t all about the parks. Did you hear your kids dreaming about the Mickey-shaped pool while packing their swimsuits? Remember that #1 Grandma Mickey Mug your mother-in-law kept hinting you about? This calls for a little planning of your Disney Resort stay, and we’ll help by providing easy access to the right information at the right time.

Disclaimer: As a promise to my friends Mickey & Donald, I've intentionally left out many details on this project.

My role

Interaction design, stakeholder presentation, test planning, documentation, tech hand-off.

The challenge

Our task was to design a collection of feature offerings for guests to plan and manage their resort stay within the Official Walt Disney World App, My Disney Experience.

When our guests book a Disney Resort, they are not just booking a hotel for snoozing. They need a hub that offers a variety of vacation experience, from dining and shopping to recreation and entertainment.

My Reservation

Imagine your big Disney vacation has finally arrived. You’re exhausted because you spent the last few days packing your bags, cleaning up the house, and scheduling pet sitters. This morning you woke your entire family up at 4am to catch an early flight and flew across the country. And after 8 long hours, you’ve arrived at the happiest place on earth!

But wait… You’re a bit early. In fact, too early!

Your room is not even ready yet. Now what? You might start to wonder if there is anything you can do at the resort while you wait. How about some lunch to feed the kids and yourself? Or is there a Disney Shop nearby so you can get that Mickey Mug out of the way?

I’m glad you’ve asked, because My Reservation got you covered.

My Reservation is a gateway to everything you need for your stay. The main screen displays your reservation details, and the top navigation bar gives you quick access to resort amenities (or, to let you know if certain amenities are unavailable).

So you thought, “Phew! Mickey-shaped pool? Checked. #1 Grandma Mickey Mug? Checked. Now I’m ready for some serious fun!”

Process Highlight

For this project, we first focused on the hierarchy of information, such as room status, call to actions, and details of the reservation. We organized the information carefully based on guest needs.

We then explored the organization and structure of where amenities live and how it relates to the main screen on My Reservation.

Finally, we iterated on scrolling behaviors, and decided to keep the navigational tabs persistent throughout the scrolling interaction to minimize cognitive load.

My Dining Plan

We hope you have enjoyed the parks and resort stay so far, and had a good appetite with your dining plan. How many dining plan credits do you have left? Well, things just got a while lot easier, because if you’ve ever used a dining plan before 2017, you probably tried very hard to figure that out from a mysterious line on your dining receipt.

We worked on a solution called My Dining Plan that’s available to you anytime, and presented to you in a very meaningful way.

My Dining Plan allows you to easily view all your available dining credits, with secondary information listed on the right, small but visible.

Process Highlight

To figure out the best option to display information, we ordered content based on the level of relevancy to the guest. We iterated and tested on visual hierarchies so our guests can scan the screen effortlessly.

Hotel Account

You’ve had some crazy fun at the park. Your kids had fun too scanning their MagicBands like crazy— because, who wouldn’t? The kids will literally scan EVERYTHING they can find in the park. Pool Entrance? Beep. Fastpass+ gates? Beep. Cashier? Beep. Ever wondered if your kids accidently purchased something you’re not aware of? If they picked up the phone at the resort and called room services? Or simply if your vacation budget is still on track?

Enter Hotel Account. Hotel Account lets guests keep track of all charges made to their account, in real time. We explored numerous design alternatives here to make sure complex information is easy to understand, and important information stays persistent.

The Hotel Account screen displays your total balance—and always visible—followed by transactions listed in the order from latest to oldest.

Process Highlight

We’ve explored numerous ways to display information. Should the transaction details be collapsible? Should the total balance stays persistent? If so, should it be on the top or bottom of the screen? What about billing information? How prominent should the call to action be? We’ve carefully thought through each interaction detail with strong rationale behind each design decision.

Inclusive Design/Accessibility

Have a vision impaired friend in your party? Not to worry, we got all guests covered. Go on and turn on Voiceover/Talkback and check out the amount of attention we put in.

Guest Testing

Do guests understand how to view dining plan and hotel account charges in the app? What are their thoughts on how the transactions are organized? Are they able to quickly glance at the dining plan and understand the information shown? We tested vigorously to make sure the guest experience is as seamless as possible.

Final thoughts

As a user experience designer, one of the most rewarding moments is to see our work helped solve problems. Maybe you, as the majority of our guests, don’t know we exist—you can probably picture our super talented UI designers and smart app developers instead. But I’m more than happy to be called unnoticed. Actually, we work very hard to stay that way, because if you noticed something, that says we haven’t done our best yet. We work hard so your Disney experience could feel effortless, seamless, and pleasant.