Mobile Games

A few games for kids I designed in my spare time, available on the app store.

Cause and effect for babies

It was always interesting for me to watch how small children get fascinated by some of the tiniest things that adults don’t see anymore. When a one-year-old bursts into giggles and winds up her Jack in the box toy over and over again, she’s picking up a basic rule in life—the stuffed animal, even when she can’t see it, still exists. What’s more exciting is, her actions can cause the animal to pop up again.

This game series is made for these youngest little ones, who are just starting to manipulate their fingers, and tap on one main target at a time. The simple, direct gameplay experience fits the limited attention span of babies, and their adults can spare 5 minutes to maybe pay for a cup of coffee.

Alphabet game for preschoolers

Animal Action started off as a web browser game made by Javascript, controlled by the computer keyboard. It was well liked by quite a few children, so we decided to make a mobile version of it. Our first challenge was to fit 26 letter buttons and the game display area onto a small mobile screen, so we made several prototypes and tested out. Children’s interactions with the animals also drove another couple rounds of iterations between me and the developer.